Tobacco Trail LDU 2014
Start time: Friday 7. February 11:00
Last update: 9. February 2014
29. mai 04:40
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11. Gaynor Leeper Camberley Rank: 1


City: Camberley

Country: UK

Phone: 0044 7834 494998

Cell phone: 0727273817

Occupation: Adventure company owner

Sled dog club: BSSF

Hobbies: Mushing (of course!) and climbing mountains

Sponsors: Royal Canin

Years running dogs: 3

Long distance experience - race/year/result:
None really! Other than the Kauppinen Wide Open training race organised by Taisto Thorneus in December... although I have been a handler at La Grande Odyssee, Finnmark 500, Pasvik Trail and Tobacco Trail.

Special dogs in the team:
All of the dogs have something different and special about them but Waf is arguably the best leader in the world. ;-)