Tobacco Trail LDL 2017
Start time: Saturday 25. March 16:00
Last update: 26. March 2017
16. juli 17:56
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21. Anette Jönsson Korpilombolo Rank: 12


City: Korpilombolo

Country: Sverige

Phone: +46706444101

Cell phone: +46706444101

Occupation: self-employed

Sled dog club: TRSC

Kennel name: Team Saari Sleddogs

Hobbies: Dogs and outdoors

Sponsors: Royal Canin, Smart Laser Sweden

Years running dogs: 10

Long distance experience - race/year/result:
Tobacco Trail/2015/DNF

Special dogs in the team:
All of them are of course very special to me with different characters, eg. Frode-happy clown, Lucie-cheerleader, Buffy-talker, Balder-serious, Ronga-never quiet never tired, Brede-everyones sweatheart... :)